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The information presented here is a summary of Klar Rent a Car terms and conditions

Prepaid booking After the prepaid booking is made, the customer receives from our Booking Department confirmation by e-mail Reservations will only be confirmed for a car class, not for a specific type/make model of the vehicle. Transaction can only be made by a credit card on the drivers name. Booking can be cancelled with no charges up to 48h before car pick up. After 48h the booking will be charged in total by Klar. In case of no show no refund will be made to customer.

Amending a booking the price guaranteed relates to the location/car class and date/time details selected. Once confirmed, any amendments to the reservation may affect the price and / or availability of the car. If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please send your request via e-mail to [email protected] and specify your reservation number. If you are in the 48h window before your booking amending the booking can only be made by paying a service tax of 30 euro.

Age and driving license requirements the minimum age is 21 years for all car classes. The main driver and additional drivers must hold a valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. Copy of driver's license, expired driver's license or temporary driving allowances are not accepted.

Additional Driver The drivers mentioned in the contract are the only persons allowed to drive the rented vehicle. Additional driver has the same obligations as the main driver. There is an additional charge for additional driver for 10 euro/day maximum 100 euro/rental.

Documents to present when picking up the car the following documents must be presented by the main driver: - identity card or passport - valid driving license held for a minimum of 1 year -in some cases approved charge/credit cards 

Payment The main driver must own a valid credit card from a major credit card company. Accepted credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Cards that are not accepted are: Visa Electron, and Maestro. Prices do no include: fuel costs, fines received for violating traffic rules on public roads and all the costs resulting from the action of local authorities towards the vehicle which is the subject of this Agreement, during the rental. The full payment of these amounts falls under the Customer’s responsibility.

Car delivery and return The Delivery and Return of the vehicle shall be made at the place, date and time agreed upon by both Customer and Klar Rent a Car Agent.
The delivery and return service is "on request" and it depends on the availability of the Klar Rent a Car personnel from the rental office. Delivery and collection requests must be sent with at least 24 hours in advance. 

Border crossing Rental cars are not allowed to cross Romania’s borders without the approval of Klar Rent a Car for 20 euro/day. If the border is crossed without Klar rent a car approval a 300-euro penalty applies. 

Other Charges Young Drivers 

When the renter and/or the additional driver is between the ages of 20 and 25, a 20-euro fee/ day will apply. 

Out of hours rentals For rentals outside working hours (between 20.00- 08.00) an extra charge of 20 euro/operation applies. 

Amended return fee A fee is charged to the customer who returns the vehicle to a location other than that specified at check-out. One-way fee (if applicable) will also be charged. 

One-way rentals
Klar rent a car offers one-way rentals between all cities. Please consult with the Klar Agent to determine if a one-way rental is possible. Certain restrictions may apply. A one-way fee between 30 and 200 euro will apply. 

Additional equipment When you make the booking please inform us of which additional equipment you would like. In case of damage/deterioration the customer agrees to pay the cost of the rented additional equipment. 

Returning the vehicle, the return of the vehicle with a delay from the time mentioned in the Agreement there will be an additional fee equivalent to one day of rental. If the car is returned earlier than the agreement no money will be returned to customer.

Fuel the Fuel must be returned same as it was taken. Otherwise, the missing fuel will be charged with a 50 euro fixed fee on top of the normal refueling cost. 

Insurance The authorized client / driver is covered by civil liability in the event of an accident. The Customer is responsible for damaging or stealing the Klar Team SRL within a maximum amount (franchise).

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) For this type of package, a 900-1300-euro franchise applies depending on the type of car for any damage to the Klar Team SRL car. A guarantee equal to the franchise will be blocked on the customer credit card until the end of the lease. In the event of any damage, Klar Team reserves the right to partially or totally recover the warranty.

Silver Protection: For this type of package, the deposit and franchise is reduced by half (between 450 euros and 650 euros depending on the self-chosen) and the client is liable only within the limits of the mentioned amounts.

Super Cover (SCDW)- Gold Protection or this type of package the franchise is reduced to zero, the client being totally protected in the event of a loss claim and rent with a zero guarantee.

Theft Protection (TP) Accepted TP relieves renter financial responsibility for loss of or damage to the rented vehicle by or following theft or attempted theft. Both CDW and TP condition are applicable only if police protocol / accident report is presented. If not, renter will be responsible even if accepted CDW and TP for all damages to the rented vehicle. 

Breakdown Client is provided with 24h assistance. If the breakdown is client’s fault, then the client will pay for the assistance. If not, Klar Rent a Car will pay for the support. 

Very important Please note that in the unfortunate case of an accident, the Klar Team personnel must immediately be notified at +40752148804 and the nearest police station and an accident report must be obtained. Protection packages are valid only if the minutes are drawn up the police and the accident finding report. Otherwise, the customer will be fully responsible for the damage.

I declare the following: Personal Data By signing these terms and conditions, I expressly and unequivocally express my agreement that Klar Team SRL, in accordance with the legal provisions, will process and use my documents in any way. The registered information is intended for use by the operator and is only communicated to the following: company employees, judicial authority if necessary, police if necessary.

Geolocation We agree that Klar Team SRL will use geolocation data collection services for certain cars.

I have read, and I agree with Klar Rent a Car Terms and Conditions

Date, Name and Signature.